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At ProTech, we are all about making your vision into a reality.  That starts with experience in all facets of flooring installation, and ends with leveraging modern materials and technology to give you the best finished flooring possible.

The Process

Once your consultation is scheduled we will check out your jobsite, take measurements and go over your options. We will take the information from our consultation and turn it into a complete project proposal to include materials, labor and time to complete job.  From there we can give you a materials list and your can pick the flooring of your choice from your preferred retailer, or you can use our full service and let us deal with the materials.

Installation process begins

Once you have accepted the proposal we will schedule the installation, and get things going.  When the job is complete; your installer will walk you through the job, address any questions you may have and go over your maintenance options, so you can keep your floors looking beautiful for years to come. 

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